Monday, August 12, 2013


Hello! I haven't posted a thing in forever! There's much for me to try and catch you up on. In a nut shell, as my third year film was nearing completion I picked up some work and haven't gotten any time to post anything. Well, lame excuses aside, here are two Tarot Cards I did for an art project recently called "The Woman King".

Ace of Wands

King of Cups

And, last, I wanted to say that my experience living in Paris and attending Gobelins was nothing but incredible! I've met some cool people and made some great friends. I love them all and I hope to see them sometime soon in the near future!

Below is a screen shot, a pretty bad quality screen shot, of our graduation film titled MYOSIS. It was an honor to be a part the team as well as the class.


Gobelins' Films will be released online this September. I hope you all will enjoy! Thanks!


  1. Superb!!!! That Ace of Wands... so great...

  2. lmao! that banner! XDDDD

    the ace of wands is so cool~

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