Thursday, September 5, 2013

Film & Stuff

Below is the graduation film I worked on along with my awesome pals Emmanuel, Guillaume, Adrien and Thibaud! And one more below that, is my making of. Check it out, I hope you enjoy.

And some sketches!

These were designs for a short comic I'm afraid I may not finish because I've been busy with work. I'm really tempted to spoil the story, but who knows! I might finish it one day... one day...

Thanks so much for everything, guys!


  1. awmaazziinngg!! it's beautiful :D

  2. Hey I found your blog again!
    AMAZING film! well done!

  3. You guys are killing me!! I lOVE this film!
    awesome job guys!

    PS. I have seen some Calart student at Gobelin lately, I'm assuming it's an exchange program that you guys are doing? Just out of curiosity, do you need to know French to be in that program?

    1. Thanks! :D

      Yes, there is an exchange program at Calarts, It happens within our third year of attendance. There's an application and selection process, they take about one or two students at the beginning of our second semester. They say you need to know or have at least a years worth of french classes, but i never did. Which was a shame on part because I missed out on a lot of awesome things!

  4. Thanks everyone! you all are too kind! :]

  5. Congrats Ricky! This was a great film and awesome sketches too. :)

  6. Man it was well worth the wait. BEAUTIFUL film my friend!!!!